Volkl 101: AC 30

Supreme high-performance, all-terrain model with superb agility on the slopes

The AC 30 is definitely one of this season’s hottest skis. The the powerful AC 30 has been redesigned for the new season to make it even stronger: the broad, new sidecut ratchets up the performance even more when away from the groomed slopes. The binding has also been cranked up a notch – with the prize-winning iPT Wideride model now integrated to provide excellent agility on the slopes. The AC 30 now also features “Powered by Steel” tuning. A band of special spring steel was integrated into the ski’s body to provide greater responsiveness.

Recommended Marker Binding: iPT WR 12.0 D (which won the 2008 European Ski Award)

Snow and Terrain: High Performance in Groomed Snow
Agility: Great balance between speed turns and agile turns
Handling: Powerful yet playful

Lengths (radius) Sidecut:
156 (13.6m) 124_80_107
163 (15.1m) 124_80_107
170 (16.7m) 124_80_107
177 (18.4m) 124_80_107
184 (20.2m) 124_80_107


*Available at all authorized Volkl dealers: see right column for list of Southwestern Ontario Retailers


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