Kelly VanderBeek’s Olympic Dreams Shattered

Top Canadian alpine skier, Kelly Vanderbeek suffered an unfortunate season-ending accident during a downhill training run in Val d’Isere, France. During a press conference, Kelly broke down during her address to the media:

“It’s hard to put into words,” said VanderBeek as she sat on a chair and addressed the media. “I talked a lot about the fact that I felt like I won the lottery, a lottery that doesn’t even exist, like I got …”

And then she paused and wiped away tears with tissues handed to her by her husband, David Ford.

“I just really felt like I’d won the lottery with the Olympics here [in Vancouver/Whistler],” she said after composing herself. “And I just feel like the lottery got taken back from me.”

It is so unfortunate and heart-breaking that Kelly will be unable to participate in the 2010 Olympics. Fans and supporters around the world wish her a speedy recovery and their deepest sympathies.

Kelly also remarked: “I told the other girls after, ‘Man, I was having so much fun skiing right now.’ I was skiing so well that it was enjoyable. It was fun. I’m going to miss it. I’ve got a bum knee now, but I still love this sport.”

Get well soon Kelly!

Reference and full story available at: Vancouver Sun

Photographs: Steve Bosch, Vancouver Sun & Jenelle Schneider, Vancouver Sun


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