By: Stephanie Gareri

I got the itch!


After 4 years of excuses, avoidance and mastering the art of Apres-ski, Scott finally got me out on the slopes. I smiled through my nerves and got over my initial fears…look, I am eager to go!

The beautiful day and level of enthusiasm from skiers at Craigleith could not hold me back anymore. Not to mention, Scott’s refusal to take me home if I didn’t get my A*%$ out there. My exceptionally patient and wonderful coach (yes – I have a coach!), Carrie Guinter instructed me on how to walk in my skis, load the magic carpet, snow plow, shift my weight and turn.

After a couple of spills and a lot of laughter – I managed to successfully turn right but like Zoolander left was a bit of an issue.

Wow – check out my level of concentration…very intense! The poles just confused me and made it awkward but by the end of our lesson – I graduated to holding them again!

I am excited about my next adventure on the ski hill and eager to practice my turns so that one day in the near future my coach will help me conquer the chair lift and big hill!

Photos by Carrie Guinter

Looking good on the ski hill courtesy of Volkl and Marker Ltd.


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