Background Check: Dalbello

With booking season around the corner – product knowledge is essential.

A new addition to the agency this year: Dalbello ski boots.

Here’s the 411…

As of January 1, 2010, a new partnership with a strategic global alliance was formed between Marker Volkl International and Dalbello.

Dalbello has a rich history dating back to March 1974 in Italy. The first Dalbello ski boot was produced in 1974 and was the first of more than 9 million to be sold over the next 33 years.

Founders and ski boot building “artisans” Alessandro and Giovanna Dal Bello perfected their trade in Switzerland designing at the Henki ski boot factory in the early ’60s. Limited under contract, they strove for more and decided they could build a business producing ski boots that reflected their craft.

During the ski industry technological revolution of the 1970s, Dalbello stood out amongst competitors taking risks and pushing the envelope with their design and development. The transformation from leather to plastic was the defining moment on the ski boot business in the 1970s. Dalbello embraced this change using their experience to create high quality and exceptional boots which gained them strong presence in international markets.

Dalbello continues to grow the company through continuous investment in new technology and skilled professionals who have been challenged to be creative in their ski boots designs.

“Our plan for the future is quite clear,” said Alessandro Dal Bello. “We will continue to work hard to supply the market with high quality, impeccably built ski boots that fit and perform well for skiers. but, in today’s world, that’s not enough. In addition, we will also try to give our customers the most honest and reliable service in the industry. It’s how we have survived the last 33 years, and it’s how we intend to be around at least 30 more.”

Dalbello images and background information courtesy of Dalbello

Leather ski boots image: Michael Brown Ski Photography


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