Marker Guitar Auction for Shane McConkey’s Family

Marker Volkl
Gibson Guitars
3 custom, one-of-a-kind instruments featuring MV graphics

The Marker auction was launched yesterday, and it is the most important one, so everyone’s help is needed to spread the word.

All proceeds (every single cent) of the final auction price will go to Shane McConkey’s wife Sherry and daughter Ayla. Marker USA will also contribute to the total amount.

The auction is currently live on-line at MARKER USA.

The auction will conclude Friday, March 12, at 12:00 midnight Eastern Standard Time. 

How do I bid?

Click on the “Bid Now” button on the link above. You will be asked to set up a user name and password. Once you do this, it will work much like ebay. IMPORTANT for international bidders: the username and password form is in USA address format. To overcome this, simply place “NH” in the State field and leave the rest blank. This will allow you to register. If you have any problems registering, please contact:

Can I see the guitar before the auction?

If you live in Northern California, yes. The guitar will be displayed at Granite Chief ski shop starting later this week. It will also be only display the last night of the auction at Plaza Bar/Bar One in Squaw Valley. 

What if I don’t play guitar?

Doesn’t matter. It’s a collector’s piece. You can always donate it to a third party (like a music charity) or perhaps even to Shane’s family.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give us with this effort. It is very much appreciated.

The final donation will be made through SHANE McCONKEY


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