For those of you in Toronto- meet the SUPGIRLZ! Janna, Katie, Bobbie, Andrea & Jennifer are the crew behind SUPGIRLZ – girls who love stand up paddling. The SUPGIRLZ run lessons to go through water safety, basic exercies and get you ready for a SUP workout. From learning how to carry your board, stand up and paddling techniques – these girlz have it covered.

This is a great activity to coordinate with your girlfriends on a beautiful day in Toronto. Not only do you get outside but the workout is ideal for core balance, posture and general well-being.

I have not had a chance but I plan on joining the GIRLZ for one of their PaddleYoga classes before the summer is over. I have to work on my board balance first!!

Need more reasons to get out on the water…SUP tones and strengthens your stomach, arms, legs, and back muscles plus relieves stress, promotes balance, and gives you an overall feeling of bliss. Not to mention the social benefits of doing it as part of a group or the spiritual benefits of enjoying nature and being outside.

The best part is that it is so much fun!!!

For more information visit: SUPGIRLZ or contact JANNA


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