The Rise of Stand-Up Paddle Boards

Stand-up paddle boards have been getting their fair share of coverage over the past week. Kevin Helliker from the Wall Street Journal wrote a great article last week about the benefits of stand-up paddle boarding and Jasmeet Sidhu of The Toronto Star wrote about the sport’s gain in popularity

Scott and I have been out in several locations around Ontario – from calm to rough water to riding waves behind a boat – to test out the boards and I admit we have become a wee bit obsessed.

Worth the investment because…

  • Great total body workout
  • Improves balance
  • Strengthens muscles of legs, butt, back, shoulders and arms
  • Low impact
  • Positive mental benefits – relaxing, de-stressing, calming
  • Social if you go out with a friend
  • Any age group can do it
  • No waves needed!

It may seem daunting at first but once you get on the board you will quickly realize how amazing the experience is. It is the closest thing to walking on water!

Read more at: The Wall Street Journal and The Toronto Star

In Canada – looking for a C4 Waterman or Paddle-Surf Hawaii board? Check out these locations and get out on the water!


Beachin’ – Jack’n’Jills Surf Shop


Endless Surf Shop

The Hardwear Co.


Pacific Boarder

Kalavida Surf Shop


Elevation Board Shop

The Easy Rider

Top Photo courtesy of Allen Mozo | Diagram from Wall Street Journal


One thought on “The Rise of Stand-Up Paddle Boards

  1. SUP is just too much fun, it’s the feeling of gliding on the water that is special. Standing on the water, gliding across the surface with ease and seeing everything in the water below you, it’s fantastic. Very addictive.

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