Quintsoul Swimwear | pink label

Quintsoul Pink Label is a junior contemporary line with a young, sexy, urban-surf appeal. Bottoms are low rise and tops range from twisted bandeaus to halters to triangles. Size range is XS-S-M-L

Here are a some hot shots from our catalogue shoot:

Style | On the waves

Style | Paradise


5 thoughts on “Quintsoul Swimwear | pink label

  1. Hi,

    I would like to know if I can order some of your product. I bought a bikini bottom “Quintsoul” a couple of years ago at a Sports Experts store in Quebec, I have not seen them this year in the same store.
    I am so pleased with this product, that I would do anything to get it, since they fit so good…
    I live in the Montreal area, if you have a store or warehouse that I can purchase your product, please let me know. If not, I would be interested in buying and shipping if it’s possible.



      • Hi,

        I bought the bikini bottom at a Sports Experts store, (the one in Place Rosemere Mall).
        Thank you for recommending a list of stores where I can find your products.


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