Cobian | Beautiful Feet

Scott and I are thrilled to have added Cobian footwear to the agency. We received our samples and are on the road showing them to potential retailers. This brand is based in San Diego, California and was founded by John Cobian fifteen years ago in his parents’ garage.

Cobian is a forerunner in the sandal industry and continues to grow rapidly due to its commitment of producing the finest sandals in the world. In an industry where companies tend to lose focus with their mass array of products, Cobian sticks with what it knows: comfortable and stylistic sandals.

Here is a short video about BEAUTIFUL FEET – an organization that strives to provide shoes to children and people all over the world. Cobian responded to the organization’s request by donating 3,000 pairs of shoes.

Hope | The mission is simple: provide our customers with sandals durable enough to be worn at the beaches, but refined enough to be worn in the city. While remaining true to our surf values, it is our endeavor to branch out into the ever-expanding fashion market; representing surf in the fashion world and fashion in the surf world.

Love | The heart of the Cobian brand is Christ, who teaches us to hold the utmost respect and integrity for each other and those we serve: our customers. And not only are we to value our customers, but we are to value our planet and be good stewards of what God has given us.

Hope | Love | Respect | Integrity | Happy Beautiful Feet


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