Goldwin Ski | Apparel

Looking for new skiwear? Looking for something functional, technical and fashion-forward? Look no further than GOLDWIN SKI.


  • Goldwin is a Japanese company. Headquarter are located in Shibuya, one of the most prestigious districts in Tokyo.
  • Goldwin has been a leading manufacturer of highly technical skiwear since it was born in the fifties.
  • Goldwin has gained popularity in Italy and Europe and is up and coming in North America.


  • Goldwin Japan is producer and distributor of Ellesse, Champion products, Helly Hansen, The North Face, Scott, Speedo and many other important companies.
  • The production plants are located in Japan and east Asia.
  • Goldwin is continuously researching and developing new materials with a focus on functionality, technology and design.
  • Goldwin offers an unmatchable high-quality product to the consumer.


  • Goldwin has sponsored the Swedish Alpine Ski Team for more than 20 years.
  • Collaboration with alpine ski teams allows Goldwin to have unceasing technical innovation with its products.
  • Goldwin is distributed by Goldwin Europe, located in Milan, the Italian capital city of fashion.
  • Goldwin is stylish and offers technical and high protection against cold, wind and snow.
  • Goldwin can be found is the best sports stores.

To enhance the skiers’ experience, Goldwin offers:

  • fabric that prevents wind, snow and rain from penetrating
  • thermal materials that shut out the cold
  • designs that take in the trends
  • high quality materials for function and fashion

Racing Collection Design Points – dress like a champion

  • Sharper, more dynamic
  • Ergonomic line/new laser garnish
  • New hood design
  • New improved silhouette
  • New thermal control

Speed Collection Design Points – fashion & technology

  • Sharper lines, more athletic style
  • New colour combinations
  • Logo created with the latest technology
  • New improved silhouette
  • New thermal control

Edge Collection Design Points – fashion, comfort & warmth

  • Different taste from authentic
  • Brand new style
  • Stylish cutting
  • Clothes that have generality
  • Stretch denim pants

Goldwin offers a range of products with high technical, function and fashion features:

Goldwin is available in Ontario at the following specialty retailers:

Skiis & Biikes
499 First Street | Collingwood | 705.445.9777

Skiis & Biikes
1970 Dundas Street East | Mississauga | 905.896.1206

Tommy and Lefebvre Inc.
464 Bank Street | Ottawa | 613.236.9731


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