Russ Henshaw Wins Dew Tour Freeski Slopestyle

Through gusty winds and poor visibility, Volkl freeski athelete, Russ Henshaw, put in a smooth and solid run to win the men’s ski slopestyle at the Dew Tour at Breckenridge.


“It was super windy, but it wasn’t a consistent wind, it was really gusty the whole day. So you had to watch the flags when you were coming into the jumps,” said Henshaw, whose winning run featured a lip 270 into the waterfall rail, 270 onto the wallride, dub 1080 mute, right 900 Japan, switch 270 onto the rainbow rail, switch dub 900 Japan and right dub 1260 mute. “It’s only one [Dew Tour] event this year and these were dubs I’ve done a fair few times, so I was pretty confident if I got a gust of wind while I was in the air, I could open myself up or save myself. I just decided to go for it.” (From ESPN Action Sports)

If you missed the action, here is a video of the winning run – check out Russ in his Signature Volkl Performance Wear Russ Jacket:


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