In honour of Spring, we are launching our MAY IS FOR MAAJI campaign to get you excited about summer and getting into a new bikini. For Day 1, I wanted to focus on the story behind Maaji…


Maaji is a Columbian brand created by sisters Manuela and Amalia Sierra. Their dream was to create a brand that would enchant us all with its unique and magical stories.  Maaji’s signature is built upon the unexpected mixture of prints, textures, cutting-edge silhouettes and the sweet, subtle presence of details. 95% of their suits are reversible so you get more options out of your swimwear. These suits are truly one of a kind…unique pieces of art made with love.

Each collection is inspired by a magical surreal story that is the result of a long, creative process…it’s fascinating to discover the whimsical world inside each bikini.


These sisters are committed to contributing to the social development of their country. Maaji’s Planting An Ocean of Trees campaign is our way of giving back to our planet. For each Maaji suit purchased, Maaji will plant a tree on your behalf. (There is a code on each suit that you can register on the website – how cool is that!!).

Maaji has currently planted 50,000 trees!


I instantly fell in love with the magic behind Maaji…I know you will too 🙂

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