The Kingpin

After 3 years of secrecy, countless hours of testing and tinkering, Marker unveiled a new addition to its Royal Family of bindings, the revolutionary, KINGPIN.


The KINGPIN redefines the standard in PinTech binding technology, this high performance, innovative alpine touring binding is the first PinTech binding in the world to gain DIN ISO certification from Germany’s prestigious TUV testing organizing. This lightweight alpine-touring binding with toe pins that grasp boots’ toes on their sides offers the strength and stability of an alpine binding in a lightweight backcountry package.

Stain Hagen, professional freeskier and mountain guide explains all the benefits and features of the new KINGPIN in this video:

Developed for a wide range of skiing environments, the KINGPIN is a standout product in 3 key areas:

1. Protection + Safety

2. Performance via optimal power transmission

3. Comfort in the form of easy operation in both ski and walk mode


Marker_Kingpin_3 Marker_Kingpin_2

The First Impressions review by Skiing Magazine says it all: “This binding is unlike anything in the backcountry market. Its downhill power is incredible – I could lay it over and give it everything with supreme confidence. Even on sidehill terrain, when getting into other tech bindings can be tricky, it’s super easy to click into the Kingpin’s toe unit. Plus, the walk/ski mechanism is simple and intuitive. I can’t say it enough: The Kingpin skis so strongly I couldn’t believe I was on an AT setup. This is a tech binding that a hard charger would likely be happy to ski full time”…read more

The KINGPIN is scheduled to hit stores by December 15th.

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