Stephanie Gareri

IMG_0222I am Stephanie Gareri.

I am a sales rep who works with premium lifestyle brands designed for function + fashion.

I am an energetic life enthusiast. I am motivated by the people I work with, my family, friends and those who are out in the world pushing it to the limit. Over the past 20 years, I’ve been strengthening my leadership, analytical, creative & planning skills through diverse experiences in a variety of industries from child care to coaching tennis, film work to wedding planning, retail to restaurant, photography to data entry, volunteer positions to paid projects. These opportunities have led me to partner with my husband, Scott Young, to provide our clients with a full service agency focused on strong relationships, maximizing sales, creating marketing initiatives, hands-on sales support and customer service.

With the ability to adapt to any environment, an eye for fashion, a background in visual and print media and an understanding for independent, online and chain business, I offer a very diverse perspective when working with brands and clients.

I am passionate about life and each day brings new and exciting challenges. I am grateful for the mentors I have and the community in which I work. It’s fast-paced, always moving forward, full of beautiful things and never a dull moment!

How do I define myself?
Passionate, dedicated, instills confidence, outgoing, good listener, trustworthy, honest, approachable, organized

What inspires me?
My family, my friends, culture, photography, cuisine, nature and survivors – those who have found strength when there was nothing

What are my specialities?
Soft goods, ski + sport fashion, swim fashion, merchandising, customer service, brand development, problem solving, delegation, organization + management

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