Since 1923, Volkl has manufactured skis in Straubing, Germany. “Made In Germany” mark signifies that Volkl is the only manufacturer still developing and making skis in Germany. Driven by competition, Volkl always strives for superior workmanship, new technologies and constant innovation. Trend-setters for the entire industry, Volkl prides themselves on better performance, lower weight, durability and optimizing the skier’s experience for maximum fun on the snow. Volkl’s modern production facilities have been designed to conserve resources and promote sustainability. When a ski is developed, Volkl doesn’t just look at the ski, but always at the interplay between snow, ski, binding, boot and skier.

Did you know that? Some 2000 prototypes per year are handcrafted at Volkl before a ski collection is ready to go into production. A total of 125 steps are involved in turning out a finished ski. A Volkl ski is made up of up to 50 different parts. Volkl ranks #1 among the World’s ski makers in premium products. Dedicated to making perfect skis through craftsmanship, attention to detail and never-ending passion for snow…there is only 1 major ski manufacturer left in Germany…Volkl.


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